Friday, March 27, 2020

Severing Ties

On March 27, 2020, patent blog, PatentlyO, reported a petition filed with the United States Supreme Court involving U.S. patent application 2012/0253517, entitled NECKTIE PERSONAL-EXTENDER/ENVIRONMENT INTEGRATOR AND METHOD FOR SUPER-AUGMENTING A PERSONA TO MANIFEST A PAN-ENVIRONMENT SUPER-CYBORG FOR GLOBAL GOVERNANCE.  Here are the first five claims of this amazing patent application:
1. A system and method for augmenting Persona for humans comprising the arranging of a user and a machine (including Super-Computers, Network-is-the-Super-Computer, etc) in a Head (or any part of the body) and a Extender/Environment-Integrator relationship, whereby said relationship produces synergy and said user's Persona is augmented 
2. The system as claimed in claim 1, wherein said Personal-Extender/Environment-Integrator is a Necktie Imitation 
3. The Necktie Imitation claimed in claim 2 includes pocket data processing device connected to a global network with handwriting, speech, gesture and image synthesizing/processing software, a camera on the forehead, an ear-phone with microphone and/or a projector 
4. The method as claimed in claim 1, wherein the Personal-Extender/Environment-Integrator is implemented through black-box modernization technique whereby the general purpose data processor is reconfigured 
5. The method as described in claim 2, wherein the Body part consists of space (Laborspace) available in the world including in Cyberspace, in which case Cyberspace may be layered over the Persona/Meatspace to achieve the desired result of augmentation/extension
Although not addressed in the petition, the specification of this patent fails to point which particular knots to employ with the cravat in claim 3.  Does a full Windsor achieve global governance more effectively than a nicky knot?  Do bowties fall within the scope of equivalents?  Natty dressers need to know.  The patent application also makes the following observation in paragraph 0216:
23. The Network Blob is hard to manage because digital robberbarons are on the loose and perform covert operation, whereas Global Cyborgs even if they are many have manifestation as entities and can be dealt with:
It may be of comfort to some that, although the "Network Blob is hard to manage", at least "Global Cyborgs...can be dealt with".