Saturday, December 31, 2011

Go Daddy's Bizarre Trunk Show

Elephants, both African and Asian, are endangered.  The ivory trade, big game hunting, and slow gestation periods all play a role in decimating pachyderms.  Most people appear to find elephants endearing, and worth protecting.  However, in one of the strangest videos of 2011, Go Daddy CEO, Bob Parsons, claims to have shot and killed a Zimbabwean elephant because of the dire threat it posed to the food supply of local villagers.  Despite overwhelming evidence that famine stalks Zimbabweans due to the ruthless policies of their dictator, Parsons appears to view marauding elephants as significant threats to the food supply.  Here's Parson's video confession of pachydermicide, which invites comparison with Teddy Roosevelt, another famous elephant hunter.  Other similarities between Parsons and the great President Roosevelt are not apparent.  Based on his other videos, often promoting himself personally, and Go Daddy as a domain name registrar, some of Parsons non-elephantine views are also eccentric.  As a permanent home for his various musings on bull elephants, Parsons might consider acquiring, if it is still available.