Thursday, April 27, 2017

AUTM In Spring

The Milken Institute released its latest annual report on academic inventing, licensing, and entrepreneurship on April 20, 2017.  The report, entitled Concept toCommercialization - The Best Universitiesfor Technology Transfer, includes a league table of top technology transferors.  The top ten are as follows:
1.  University of Utah
2.  Columbia University
3.  University of Florida
4.  Brigham Young University
5.  Stanford University
6.  University of Pennsylvania
7.  University of Washington
8.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
9.  California Institute of Technology
10. Carnegie Mellon University
Notice a remarkable performance by Utah, which hosts two of the top four universities on the list.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Syngenta Pays The China Price In Court

I had the pleasure of being interviewed earlier today on Bloomberg Radio regarding Syngenta's many litigations for introducing its genetically-modified Viptera corn into domestic and international agricultural commodity markets.  Here is a link to the interview.  Thank you very much, David Sucherman (producer), June Grasso (cohost), Michael Best (cohost), and Margaret Cronin Fisk (legal reporter) for a fun chat about a fascinating scientific, economic, and legal issue.