Friday, June 21, 2013

Stanford Deextinction Movie Revue

Video recordings of De-Extinction: Ethics, Law & Politics, the conference on deextinction held at Stanford Law School on May 31, 2013, are now available for viewing on the Stanford Center for Law and the Biosciences website.  Here are all the presentations, organized by topical session:
Welcome and Introduction  (Hank Greely) / Science (Beth Shapiro) 
Environmental Law and Related Issues 
International plus US GMO (Andrew Torrance)
US federal (Alex Camacho)
State fish and wildlife (Chuck Bonham) 
Other Legal Issues 
Animal Welfare (Matthew Liebman)
Liability Issues (Dan Farber)
Property issues (Jake Sherkow) 
Lunch with Stewart Brand
De-Extinction and Conservation Biology 
Conservation Uses of De-Extinction (Stanley A. Temple)
Conservation Biology and Priorities (Kate Jones)
Politics of De-Extinction (Jamie Rappaport Clark) 
Justice, Hubris, and Moral Issues 
Justice (Hilary Bok)
Hubris and Naturalness (Jay Odenbaugh)
Species Ethics (Ronald Sandler)
This conference brought together scholars and practitioners from around the world whose expertise spanned the law, science, ethics, and policy of deextinction.  Hank Greely, one of the founders of the field of biolaw, and his associates at the Stanford Center for Law and the Biosciences deserve tremendous thanks for making such a complete record of De-Extinction: Ethics, Law & Politics available.