Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Barack Obama: Troll Hunter

United States President Barack Obama announced on June 4, 2013, a series of proposals aimed at defanging organizations euphemistically called "patent assertion entities" and derisively titled "patent trolls."  Among other steps announced in a press release published by the White House - "Fact Sheet: White House Task Force on High-Tech Patent Issues" - are three "Executive Actions" of particular note:
1.  Making “Real Party-in-Interest” the New Default. Patent trolls often set up shell companies to hide their activities and enable their abusive litigation and extraction of settlements. This tactic prevents those facing litigation from knowing the full extent of the patents that their adversaries hold when negotiating settlements, or even knowing connections between multiple trolls. Today, the PTO will begin a rulemaking process to require patent applicants and owners to regularly update ownership information when they are involved in proceedings before the PTO, specifically designating the “ultimate parent entity” in control of the patent or application. 
2.  Tightening Functional Claiming. The AIA made important improvements to the examination process and overall patent quality, but stakeholders remain concerned about patents with overly broad claims — particularly in the context of software. The PTO will provide new targeted training to its examiners on scrutiny of functional claims and will, over the next six months develop strategies to improve claim clarity, such as by use of glossaries in patent specifications to assist examiners in the software field. 
3.  Empowering Downstream Users. Patent trolls are increasingly targeting Main Street retailers, consumers and other end-users of products containing patented technology — for instance, for using point-of-sale software or a particular business method. End-users should not be subject to lawsuits for simply using a product as intended, and need an easier way to know their rights before entering into costly litigation or settlement. Today, the PTO is announcing new education and outreach materials, including an accessible, plain-English web site offering answers to common questions by those facing demands from a possible troll.

That cinematic classic Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter may have inspired a sequel:  Barack Obama:  Troll Hunter.