Saturday, June 1, 2013

Deextinction In The San Jose Mercury And The Australian

Interest in the Stanford deextinction conference held on May 31, 2013, reached from Silicon Valley to Australia. In one article entitled "Extinct Species Revival Raises Hopes, Fears," in the San Jose Mercury, and a sister article entitled "Extinct Species Revival Raises Hopes," in The Australian, various issues raised during the conference were discussed. Here is an excerpt:
Passenger pigeons once numbered in the billions, blackening the skies and inspiring naturalists like John James Audubon, John Muir and Aldo Leopold. 
They had vanished by the first World War, victims of hunting and habitat loss. 
But resurrected flocks reintroduced into a modern environment could be an invasive species, noted Andrew Torrance of the University of Kansas Law School. 
They would also be genetically modified organisms, subject to federal regulation.
Deextinction is growing in the Valley, Down Under, and beyond.