Friday, June 6, 2014

Two New Biolaw Journals

The field of biolaw is taking wing in many directions.  A signal achievement has been the recognition of an official Biolaw Section at the American Association of Law Schools.  However, biolaw scholarship has lacked a home, instead being scattered throughout numerous unrelated publications.  That may begin to change with the creation of two new academic journals dedicated to biolaw.  The Journal of Law and the Biosciences describes its mission as follows:
The Journal of Law and the Biosciences (JLB) is the first fully Open Access peer-reviewed legal journal focused on the advances at the intersection of law and the biosciences. A co-venture between Duke University, Harvard University Law School, and Stanford University, and published by Oxford University Press, this open access, online, and interdisciplinary academic journal publishes cutting-edge scholarship in this important new field. The Journal contains original and response articles, essays, and commentaries on a wide range of topics, including bioethics, neuroethics, genetics, reproductive technologies, stem cells, enhancement, patent law, and food and drug regulation.
Across the Pond, the BioLaw Journal/Rivista di BioDiritto has announced a similar focus:
BioLaw Journal – Rivista di BioDiritto is a peer reviewed, online law journal focusing on the relationships between law and life sciences under a comparative perspective. According to its interdisciplinary nature, the Journal hosts contributions in the fields of law, life sciences and bioethics.
The Journal presents articles, commentaries and book reviews which provide an innovative and original source of reference for academics, lawyers, legal and medical practitioners, law students, and anyone interested in national, European and international biolaw.
These two new journals are welcome additions to the burgeoning field of biolaw.


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