Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Steaking Claims

How can one avoid infringing a patent? Becoming vegetarian might help. A patent application claiming both a new steak - the "Vegas Strip Steak" - and methods of preparing it was published on April 4, 2013, by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Here are the first two claims of patent application WO2013048839:
1. A method of preparing a cut of meat, wherein is provided at least a portion of a Subscapularis muscle having some amount of lean tissue, fat tissue, and connective tissue, wherein said at least a portion of said Subscapularis muscle has a cranial side, a caudal side, a ventral end, a dorsal end, a medial surface and a lateral surface, comprising the steps of:
trimming from said cranial side, said caudal side, said ventral end, said dorsal end said medial surface and said lateral surface at least a portion of said lean tissue, said fat tissue, and said connective tissue, thereby preparing said cut of meat. 
2. A meat product produced by the method of Claim 1.
Whether or not this claims similar to those in this patent application will eventually issue in a patent is unclear. If such a patent does issue, expect opponents of patent silliness to have a cow.  However, a meatier issue is how the product of the patent tastes.  Will the Vegas Strip Steak be heavy or (neon) light tasting?  Will diners fond of more established cuts, such as filet mignon, porterhouse, Kansas City, and sirloin gamble on this innovation?  Will suppliers of existing steaks have a beef with this new variety?  The Vegas Strip Steak is obviously in for a serious grilling.