Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bench, Bar, And Two Smoking Barrels

The annual Eastern District of Texas 2015 Bench Bar Conference will be held in Plano, Texas from October 21st to 23rd.  The program is replete with high-profile patent law speakers, including Judge William Bryson of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, several of his retired colleagues from the same court, and former United States Patent and Trademark Office Commissioner Q. Todd Dickinson, and panels discussing the most fascinating and important issues bedeviling patent law today.  However, by far the most compelling portion of the program is the "Guns & Golfing Kick-Off" that precedes the proceedings.  Here is the description from the program:
Choose from the refinement of golfing on the beautiful Gleneagles golf course minutes from the conference hotel, or join a bunch of rag tag lawyers taken to calling themselves the Posse for an East Texas cultural excursion at the nearby Frisco Gun Club. If you have never fired a gun, this is your chance. All experience levels accommodated and everything you need provided.
Directly after this teaser is an ominous addendum:  "See Registration Form for Special Registration Details."

With apologies for loaded language, the organizers of the 2015 Bar Bench conference clearly bit the bullet, took aim at some great topics, and, in terms of speakers, shot for the stars.