Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nothing Is Greater Than Gruter

The Gruter Institute has long led thought on integrating the fields of biology, economics, growth, and innovation.  From May 19 to 24, 2013, the Institute is hosting a conference entitled "Innovation and Growth:  Biological, Economic, Institutional and Technological."  The setting - sublime Squaw Valley, California, site of the 1960 Winter Olympics - and the participants - leading biologists, economists, behaviorial scientists, and scholars of innovation and growth - ensures that this annual conclave routinely catalyzes intellectual trends.  Here is the official description of this year's program:
Theme:  The theme for this year's conference will be Innovation and Growth:  Biological, Economic, Institutional and Technological. Our focus will be on using the many tools of behavioral science to help better understand innovation and growth, in biological systems, economic systems, and legal systems, as well as in technology. By bringing together a highly inter-disciplinary group of scholars and practitioners to explore the conditions and behaviors leading to innovation and growth in each of these systems, we believe we can best make progress at both the theoretical and applied level on the challenges we face in law, economics and institutional design.
As a Gruter Fellow, I have had the privilege of attending Gruter conferences for several years.  This year, my presentations are entitled "What is Innovation?," "Innovation Wetlands," and "The Role of Intellectual Property in Innovation and Implementation."

In the world of ideas, nothing is greater than Gruter.