Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BIO-IPCC Spring 2013

The Biotechnology Industry Organization Intellectual Property Counsels Conference is holding its spring meeting in San Diego from March 25-27, 2013.  This conference provides invaluable analysis of the most important issues currently of moment in biotechnology intellectual property law.  Here are the spring 2013 sessions:
Session 1 - Seeds of Exhaustion: Analysis of Bowman v. Monsanto & the Shifting Doctrine of Patent Exhaustion 
Session 2 - Any Port in a Storm - Section 271(e)(1) and the Continuing Debate Over Boundaries of Safe Harbor Exception 
Session 3 - The Method Patent Rollercoaster 
Session 4 - Patent Opinions Revisited: New Risks, New Rewards 
Session 5 - The AIA and APA: Oversight of Patents and the Agency That Grants Them
Lurking behind many of these topics are the Supreme Court's trilogy of biotechnology patent cases, Prometheus, Bowman, and Myriad, which are disrupting and refashioning the legal landscape for biotechnology.